Stop buying store bought salad dressing. They are filled with cheap oils and artificial ingredients which are alien to your digestive system. This means you body will not digest it and it will accumulate as ama or digestive toxins. Also, each time you buy a pre-made food item, you are using and throwing away bottles and jars. Instead, try homemade, delicious and healthy.  Homemade Salad Dressing 11/2 cup Avocado oil 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 cup Raw Honey 1/2 cup Nutritional Yeast 2 tsp Salt  2 tsp Pepper 1 large Clove of Garlic  Grate the garlic and place all the ingredients into a mason jar. Cover with a tight-fitting lid and shake it to incorporate the ingredients together. Use...

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Life will offer us many many opportunities to experience a variety of things. While they may be tempting, they may also waste our time - our greatest resource.  Over the years, I have discovered that my time is of great value to me. And I have a certain intention that I abide by. How I spend my time and with what kind of intention is of great importance to me. For me, the most important thing is to do what I am here to do. Every. Single.Day.  If you observed my day-to-day living, it may seem boring and repetitive. However, there is a flow, a beautiful structure to it. And a natural rhythm that I have developed over the years...

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Self massage is an age old practice of Ayurveda. Along with meditation, self-massage could be the original self-care practice of ancient India. Relevant to this day - because Ayurveda is universal and timeless.  This practice is simple and nourishing. It aids in creating supple muscles. It enhances circulation. It brings hormonal balance. It supports our immune function and most importantly, it soothes the nervous system and the mind. It gives us that glowing skin and relaxed feeling in the mind and body.  This practice is best done at least 4-5 times a week. Let the oil soak in for at least 7-8 minutes before you shower.  Check out the Body section of the website for oil selection.

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