Herbal Body Scrub

Herbal Body Scrub

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Since ancient times, herbs have been used in body scrubs in India. After a hot oil body massage, sprinkle some of the herbal powder on your skin and massage it lightly. This is best done in the tub without any water on the body. Use upward strokes. Take a hot shower to wash off the powder. 

This herbal scrub stimulates lymphatic drainage and supports circulation and stimulation. Best practiced once a week for deep relaxation after self-massage. If you can take a bath afterward, it would be even more beneficial.

Vata folks need to mix a couple of teaspoons of the scrub in oil and use it as a scrub. Pitta people can mix it with yogurt. Kaphas can sprinkle the scrub directly on the skin. 

Made with Gram Flour, Neem, Rose, Amalaki, Turmeric, Marshmallow Root, Licorice and Red Sandalwood powders. 

4 oz glass container