Fall Self-Care Box

Fall Self-Care Box

Fall season almost upon us. While we are releasing the last of the summer's heat from the body, we are also starting to feel the dryness and cool weather impacting us.

Autumn = Vata season 





Treat it with oleation, hydration, grounding, warm cooked foods, silence, stillness and massaging the feet with oil. 

Vata body types are greatly nourished by Sesame oil, which is the base of the Shanti Body oil.

To read more about Sesame oil, please visit: 


This Fall Box includes everything you will need for this season.

The Vata Self-care Box includes the following:

  • 4 oz bottle of the Shanti Body oil - great for overall vata pacifying 
  • 2 oz Herbal Body Scrub - supports in releasing leftover heat from pitta season
  • 1 oz Plantain Balm - for muscle aches 
  • 1/2 oz Prana Nasya oil - for pacifying Prana vata -  the mind and sinuses 
  • Vata Spice Blend - for making delicious vata pacifying foods 
  • A handmade Soap 
  • Root Chakra oil roller bottle - for Root chakra balancing 
  • Vata pacifying recipes (sent via email)
  • Grounding Root Chakra Guided Meditation (sent via email)

Cost: $105 

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