Washed Ghee & Saffron Face Oil - Deluxe Holiday Gift Set
Washed Ghee & Saffron Face Oil - Deluxe Holiday Gift Set

Washed Ghee & Saffron Face Oil - Deluxe Holiday Gift Set

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If you want to give a gift that is luxurious, this is it! 

The  Hundred Times Washed Ghee and The Saffron Face Oil are perfect for any skin type. 

Shata Dhauta Ghrita - Ghee washed one hundred times is the ultimate luxury moisturizer for your skin. This product takes hours to make with organic ghee and filtered water. The texture changes through this laborious process to a luscious creamy highly absorbent. As the ghee washes in cold water, its chemical composition changes and allows for it to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin. 

 This cream is perfect for vata dryness and pitta heat. Washed ghee is rich in Butyric acid which is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also contains Vitamins A, D, K and E along with Omega 3s. 

 This product is completely free of chemicals and additives. Organic butter cooked into ghee and lightly infused with Khus Attar and Indian Frankincense. You may notice drops of water rise to the surface of this cream. Simply drain it off. This is a natural unavoidable part of the process of washing the ghee. 

 Use as a night cream and store in the fridge for at least 3 months. Use the Hydrating Face Oil for your morning skincare routine. Do not use your fingers in this product. Use the spoon that is included with the product. Wash the spoon and dry after each use. 

The shipping of this product may be a bit longer because this is made fresh. 

1 oz glass jar 

Saffron Face Oil - This luxurious Ayurveda face oil is hydrating nectar for the face. The timeless wisdom and energy of Ayurveda are rooted in this recipe. Made with organic sesame oil, saffron strands, red Sandalwood powder, Manjistha, Vetivert root, Dashamula, Neem, Licorice, Shatavari and Sandalwood powder and it is lightly infused with Vetivert attar. Massage five drops gently at night on damp skin for a soft and hydrated face.

1 oz dropper bottle 

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