Ayurveda has a rich tradition of body care and nervous system care through treatments. The end goal of these treatments is to create a deep sense of balance, bliss and rejuvenation in the body and mind. 


Abhyanga is the ancient system of anointing the body with warm herbal oil. This is one of the most nurturing treatments of Ayurveda. You will feel totally relaxed afterwards. This treatment is one hour long. About 4 oz of oil is used for this treatment. 


Shirodara is the most blissful tonic to the mind. Warm herbal oil is streamed across the forehead in different patterns for 30 minutes. This treatment is known to balance hormones, release emotional toxins and create a very deep rest for the nervous system. This treatment is 30 minutes long. 


Face Marma and Shiro Bliss is an elixir for the mind and face. Using the products from the Heal Your Senses set, you will receive total nourishment of the senses. We begin with a warm foot soak, then onto the Crown chakra anointing with the Brahmi Bliss oil. Next you will receive a nourishing face treatment with the Sandalwood Face oil, after which gentle herbal steam will detox the skin.  Now you will receive the Karna treatment for your ears, and Nasya treatment for the nasal passages. Next, a rose hydrosol toner followed by the Hydrating Face Oil Marma treatment.  Finally, we end with the Shirodhara. This treatment is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. 


Rose Mint Herbal Scrub is a treatment to remove excess heat from the pitta skin conditions. After the one-hour full-body abhyanga, you will receive a warm herbal, yogurt treatment for the whole body which is infused with fresh roses and mint. This treatment is 1.5 hours long.