Corporate Wellness

Create a Culture of Wellness, Collaboration and Resiliency at Your Workplace

Meditation isn’t just for feeling good for a few minutes. Research shows when  used in a that business setting meditation offers a real advantage in reducing stress and enhancing a sense of fulfillment at the workplace. The more fulfillment in the employee, the more they offer to their responsibilities at work.

Invest in mindfulness and meditation for your workplace and reduce employee absenteeism, create a happier work environment and strengthen the values of creativity and productivity in your business. 


Four key advantages to bringing mindfulness to the workplace. 


  1. Regular mindfulness practice at the workplace reduces stress and burnout. 
  2. Mindfulness practices built into the workday reduces employee turnover and develop healthier relationships with colleagues.
  3. Through the benefits of meditation, staff members are naturally inclined to perform better at their jobs with greater focus. 
  4. Regular practice of expansion of consciousness at the workplace boosts creativity and vitality. 


Bring the best of ancient and modern inner technologies to your workplace.  Studies show that regular wellness practices such as mindfulness, meditation and breath work reduces stress, enhances wellbeing and workplace performance.



Mindfulness and meditation supports presence. It trains the mind to be calm and focused on the task at hand. A pause in restful awareness is a great boost for the mind and body. 



As stressors are released during meditation, skills such as kindness, clarity in communication, compassion and seeing the strengths of one's peers will be enhanced. 



Learn the gentle art of examining your emotional state, practice self-inquiry and shape your inner awareness which impacts reactivity in the workplace. 



Meditation helps one remain motivated. Strengthen the collective values in the workplace by practicing meditation TOGETHER and drive that togetherness into cohesiveness in project completions and enhancing a sense of success and innovation at the workplace.

 How this works:

Each week, employees will arrive on Zoom - on or off camera for a guided experience - breathwork or meditation OR both. These sessions are built into the work day. Each employee can come to the meditation session via Zoom and go right back to work. 


Your breath is the most powerful in-built tool for driving thoughts to productivity and creativity. Join Aparna for a short and sweet guided breathwork class to alleviate stress and overthinking. Gain clarity of thoughts - whether for creative problem solving or to de-stress the mind. In an age of overstimulation, enjoy creating restfulness in the mind through this gentle practice.  

For optimal results, don’t have a huge coffee or a big breakfast beforehand. Save that for later. 



Each day we accumulate stress in the mind and body. Meditation is shown to create greater self-awareness, allowing us to explore habitual patterns of how we hold stress. It aids us in better sleep, healthier relationships with oneself and others. Studies show that meditation practices support better decision making, reduces anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia, and enhances emotional regulation all of which impacts workplace productivity.  

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