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I have been working with Aparna for about a year now and can’t say enough about the peace and light she has brought to my life. With her guidance and support, I have been able to overcome my biggest personal internal struggles. With her new perspectives, her meditation techniques and the wisdom that she shared with me about connecting to the divine and lifting my consciousness, I was able to cleanse my spirit and start fresh again. Living my life everyday now is so much more enjoyable! As a result, all aspects of my life have improved.

     The mentorship she provides is for anyone who wants to raise their consciousness and spiritual connection, which improves your life exponentially. Everything from the way you feel everyday to your attitude about work, to all of your relationships and everything else. We are all learning, and we all have our human issues but how to deal with those issues in the healthiest way possible is what she is so good at teaching. And once you work through all the stuff that weighs so heavy on your shoulders, you come out on the other side ready to become who you really are. The work I do with Aparna is invaluable to me and the best thing that I’ve ever done for my self improvement. I am so thankful to have met her.” - Karlos, CA


“My greatest transformation since working with Aparna is building a sense of ease in moving through big decisions and difficult situations. Learning that discerning and creating the life I want comes from within and does not require hard painful work externally but inward peaceful work through a daily meditation practice. 

This work is ideal for people who have a lot of drive and ambition yet are in search of a compass to guide their ambitions, those who believe that they don’t have time for meditation and inward reflection but are exhausted and overwhelmed and looking to make major shifts in the way they meet their daily life as well as the big long term life ambitions of happiness and satisfaction. 
My results include:
(1) ending resistance and fear of meditation and quiet reflection
(2) ending anxiety over day to day stresses of schedules, accomplishments, interpersonal conflicts etc.
(3) finding clarity in what aspects of life are working in terms of people, actions, career, family and embracing that.
(4) restoring the happy and easygoing (yet ambitious) self that I thought I left behind in college
(5) managing major life events such as quarantine with calm embrace and excitement (yes sometimes stressful but generally at peace)
(6) growing self-awareness when stress is creeping into my subconscious and ability to process through the stress without letting it control me
(7) self acceptance and grace (8) seeing all the ways the universe is showing up for me and how it is helping me accomplish what I want for my life. 
Aparna helps build a skillset in her clients to find their own answers from within. She helps her clients build a meditation practice for long term soul sustenance and she brings her own wisdom to client sessions to help us build our internal wisdom and self love. She helps you eliminate the misperceptions of what is to be accomplished in meditation and has helped me to accept what comes in each meditation. She will tell you bliss is not the goal of the experience but is rather the outcome of  making this a grounded earthly practice that happens to find the great expanse of the universe.” - Kim, MI


 “I have found myself thinking many times for the last 3 years I have known her “How lucky am I to have received such an amazing inspiring teacher and coach at this time in life!” 

She has awakened my curiosity to grow in my heart. When you invite her into your life, you know you are ready for accelerated growth. She continues to support me in knowing my inner strength and to heal my emotional wounds. She has given me tools for this work, and she has guided me in feeling the power of of my own self-awareness. As my mentor , she has shown me that taking responsibility for my well-being in the first step in my spiritual journey. 

She has been a mentor for me individually, as a wife and mother and my husband.  Her workshops, classes and podcasts have kept me even more anchored on my path.” - Victoria, Puerto Rica

“There is something to say about divine timing. Aparna came into my life at the perfect time! I was searching for that one thing to help me, but had no idea what that one thing was. After meeting Aparna at her home, where she was leading a heart centering meditation with a group of lovely ladies…I knew she was what I was searching for. 

Aparna is amazing in so many ways but what I truly admire, is she practices what she preaches. Aparna lives the life she teaches and holds so much wisdom to share with her clients. I gained so much clarity with the guidance of Aparna. She helped me work though hidden trama’s that we’re buried so deep, I didn’t know they were even there, preventing me from becoming my highest self. Aparna also brought Heart Based Meditation into my life…What A Gift. I now meditate at least once per day! It wasn’t just one thing Aparna did to help me get where I am today, it’s the whole package…love, listening, nurturing, guidance, and hugs o if you’ve read all the books, had all the talks, and are still missing a piece to your puzzle…Aparna might be your missing piece.
She was mine.”- Micky, MI

“Working with Aparna over the last year has been a truly transformative experience. I think my greatest transformation has been learning to listen to myself, my emotions, and trusting in what it means. When I first started working with Aparna, I was constantly questioning myself and what I was supposed to be doing with my life, questioning my worth. One day, at the end of a cleanse that Aparna guided me on, my purpose and passion became totally clear. It made so much sense, but I had never taken the time to actually listen to myself before. I had always looked for outside insight and approval. Aparna was there supporting me and cheering me on the whole time.

I can say that after working with Aparna, I find that little things don’t bother me as much, they roll off my back more easily. I’m able to set up better boundaries. I have a deeper connection to my higher self and therefore am looking less externally for validation. I feel like I’m more present with my son and can really appreciate the silly, little things that he does. I’m beginning to develop trust in myself and a higher power. I am learning to ask for what I want and surrender to the path of the results. I’m a better wife, mother, friend, and daughter because I’ve taken this time for myself.

This program is ideal for anyone that is looking to devote themselves to expanding and growing and learning about their true selves. It’s for someone who wants to really go deep so that they may heal wounds, learn from these wounds, and be on their path to consciousness. Anyone that feels like there’s more to this world, but is not quite sure how to get there. Anyone that’s looking to shed layers and open their hearts so they may fully experience what’s around them.

Aparna is a truly loving and devoted teacher. She is passionate about what she does and it comes across in her work. She is always in your corner and I feel lucky to have her in mine.”– Bethany, MI 

If this calls to you, if you want a mentor that will guide you to your soulful path of alignment so you can mine the richness that exists in you as you, apply to join this program.

Life is short. Let us make it blissful, beautiful and joyful. Let us see meaning in every experience and use that meaning to awaken our inner wisdom. Let us spread love and consciousness to all whom we touch on a daily basis.



Our unconscious habits can feel like they are supporting us in the immediate situations of our lives. Often when the pain is deep, many people seek habits such as the use of substances and alcohol to numb the pain. Please note that I only work with clients who are not using substances and who consume minimal alcohol. If you are using mind-altering substances and wish to work with me, I recommend that you first find a program such as AA to begin your spiritual journey. After a minimum of six months, you are welcome to apply for this program. This way, our time together and your investment receives the value that deserve.


If you are inspired, please use the contact page to schedule a 30-minute complimentary session.