The Business of Being Present

Bringing Heart Intelligence to Your Business and Being Your Best Self 


If you are a business owner who has lost the "why"of your business because of daily stress and worry and if you are looking for a meaningful approach to business, look no further. 


  • What if you were told that you would be given rituals to remain conscious in your biz practices that reduces your daily stress? 
  • What if you could create greater fulfillment as a business owner - every single day? 
  • What if you could learn practices to better predict personal and business outcomes?  

What if you could enjoy being a business owner and an entrepreneur and not be swept away by the worries and fears that may typically plague you? 


It’s easy to numb out and lose touch with how we are really doing personally and professionally. The consequences can be devastating. When we lose touch with our purpose, when we ignore the facts and figures that make our business tick, we can lose ourselves and our businesses. 


Creating ritual is a way to stay in touch with your personal purpose and the why of your business, ritual can help you stay in comfort with your numbers in business and challenges we all face personally and professionally. Ritual and heart centering practices offer an opportunity to better predict how your business is doing and allows 


Study and Practice with two professionals who bring practicality AND mindfulness to the business world. 

Kim Clayson - Managing Attorney & Operations Officer - Kim has spent her career counseling small business owners in need of business reorganization and operational support. She has personally built a daily ritual practice... 

Aparna Khanolkar - Spiritual Mentor & Meditation Instructor  - Aparna has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to supporting individuals to gain clarity in their lives for healing and growing to their fullest potential for success and happiness. 


  • Week 1 - Heart centering and movement to move energy 
  • Week 2 - Defining your value and self worth beyond the bank account balance - Examining your lack mentality vs prosperity consciousness 
  • Week 3 - Clarifying your purpose, build knowledge of who you are and what you truly want as a business owner
  • Week 4 - Building your entrepreneurial lifestyle around wellbeing 


Dates: June 5, 11, 18, 25, 2021

Times: 12:15-1:15 pm EST  via Zoom 

Please note: This course is offered live and is not recorded. 

Once you send your payment, you will receive an email with a zoom link and other information about this course. 

4 hr one hour sessions via zoom Q and A each session 

In addition, you will also receive the following: 

Daily Consciousness check list 

Guided contemplation - audio 

Pdf written exercises