Ayurvedic Nutrition Consult

Ayurvedic Nutrition Consult

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Ayurveda offers rich wisdom in understanding the body, its relationship to Nature and consciousness. If you are disconnected from your body, if you are struggling with the pain of body image issues and would like to learn the wisdom of Ayurveda to return to balance, harmony self-love, sign up for this consultation. 


Although our focus will be on you deepening your relationship to the body through the study of doshas and seasons, sign up for this only if you are prepared to learn to cook your own foods. It is powerful to cook for your own well-being. 


Cooking classes, recipe support, learning about how to nourish your body during the different seasons are part of this service. 

Email Khanolkar.Aparna3@gmail.com to set up your session. 

1 hr consultation via zoom 

"Realizing how much control I have over how I feel and how easy it is to incorporate a spiritual practice into daily life was my best takeaway.

I've already started taking sips of hot water throughout the day (I warm it in the tea kettle and put it in a ceramic tumbler. When I'm done, I heat more up!) and I feel hydrated in a different way than I did drinking cold liquids. 

I definitely feel this consultation supported me in better understanding my relationship to food and nutrition and to the spiritual aspects of both. It really gave me tools to empower me to eat better and a desire to treat my body better." 

_ Sara Neuenschwander, MI