JYOTI - Copper Oil Lamp
JYOTI - Copper Oil Lamp

JYOTI - Copper Oil Lamp

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Bring the elemental energy of Agni or fire into your sacred space with the Copper Lamp. Place the wick in the lamp and add oil of your choice to the lamp.  Use a matchstick to light the tip of the wick and make sure the remainder of the wick remains in the oil. You may need to hold the matchstick on the wick for several seconds to make sure it is lit. 

If you use sesame oil or ghee, you can use this lamp for the practice of Trataka - or gazing at the flame. You can gaze at the blue part of the flame for several minutes before bedtime. Note, if you live in a colder region, the ghee may solidify and not burn. In that case, please use oil. 

The lamp is about 2.2 inches in diameter. 

Comes with 10 pieces of Organic Cotton Wicks

JYOTI - In Sanskrit  - Divine Light