Crown + Root Chakra Balancing Set

Crown + Root Chakra Balancing Set

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This exquisite set of essential oil blends soothe and nurture both the root and crown chakra. 


ROOT CHAKRA - MY DIVINITY IS MY SECURITY - Talahridaya marma governs the root chakra - our foundation. This is where many of us struggle with security, certainty, and belonging.

Bring your conscious awareness to the root chakra and envision the light of the heart infusing itself into the root center. Breathe and allow this process. Either before or afterward, use this blend on the marma point of the feet - the extensions of the root chakra. Apply it on the "Pada madhya marma" -- the point which is located on the center of the foot in the middle of the sole. Use clockwise circles and place your palms on the bottoms of your feet to stimulate this marma point. Use counter-clockwise to soothe and pacify this marma and energy center. Feel the groundedness of your Muladhara or root center. With your eyes closed, inhale from your heart and exhale to the bottoms of your feet. 


CROWN CHAKRA - I AM DIVINE KNOWING. Adhipati marma governs the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, the pineal gland, the entire nervous system, and lubricates the brain.

The crown chakra is the place where we can experience unity and oneness with all. It is considered the source of awakening and spiritual connection. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the very top of your head - known as the Adhipati marma - visualize a thousand-petaled lotus upon the crown. Now, use the blend right on the crown of your head in several clockwise circles. Use counter-clockwise to soothe and pacify this marma and energy center. Remain seated and continue to feel the energy of the crown center for several minutes. 


Two 10 ml bottles