RUPA - Facial Cleanser
RUPA - Facial Cleanser

RUPA - Facial Cleanser

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Use this traditional Ayurveda cleanser as an exfoliant or leave it on as a mask. To exfoliate, mix a small amount of this cleanser with water and scrub gently. Wash with warm water and follow up with the Pure Ishvari Saffron Face oil on damp skin. 

To use this as a mask, leave it on your skin to dry and then wash with warm water. For dehydrated skin, mix the cleanser with milk or cream and leave it dry and then wash with warm water and use five drops of the Saffron face oil on damp skin. Alternately, mix 1/2 tsp of the cleanser with 5-6 drops of lime juice and enough raw honey to form a mask-like consistency. Apply to the face, avoiding sensitive areas. Allow it to dry 95% of the way before a  gentle wash. 

Made with Organic Neem, Fuller's Earth, Organic Turmeric, Sandalwood, Organic Amalaki and Organic Rose Petal Powder

1 oz glass jar

1/2 oz glass jar

RUPA - In  Sanskrit -  beauty. May this word inspire your self-care rituals.