Group Spiritual Mentoring Program

Group Spiritual Mentoring Program

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Healing means to come into your wholeness. 
Healing is consciously choosing to digest old pain and release the programming and patterns that continue to hurt you. 
Healing also means becoming aware that everything is happening for your expansion. 
If this definition of healing resonates with you, but you realize you don't have the skills to heal, the Spiritual Mentoring program may be the path for you. 
This group spiritual mentoring program will change your life if you are ready and willing to work through lovingly the past energies held in the chakras. 

Here are the transformations you can expect - 

Have a direct experience of your true heart where all healing is possible and be confident in using this skill time and time again

 Live a life fueled by your intuition, abundance and gratitude

Amplify the true you by unraveling the truth behind what you have suffered and expand into forgiveness and gratitude 

A soft yet strong you that courageously and confidently yields to the path of your soul for the rest of your life 

Enjoy the abundant gift of having digested your past

Month 1 - Learning Skills Such as Emotional Awareness, Enhancing Intuition, and other Consciousness- Based Healing techniques

Month 2 - Exploring Root Chakra healing 

Month 3 - Exploring Sacral Chakra healing 

Month 4 - Exploring Solar Plexus Chakra healing 

Month 5 - Exploring Heart Chakra healing 

Month 6 - Exploring Throat Chakra healing 

As a participant in this program, for the duration of the six months, you will receive 10% off Pure Ishvari products


This group mentoring requires a six-month commitment and is only for new clients. 

Here is the application for this program -

Meetings are once a week via zoom. You must be able to attend live. 

Meetings are from 1:30-3 pm EST 

The program begins on Nov 12, 2022 and ends on May 6, 2023, totaling 24 sessions. 

These dates are excluded for holidays - Nov 26 and Dec 24, 2022

Absences are allowed only 3 times during the six months. This is to ensure that you get the results from this program. Audio replays are available for missed sessions. 

You have the option of monthly payments or one-time payment. 

Please note this program is only for new clients.