Heart Chakra Set
Heart Chakra Set

Heart Chakra Set

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This is a perfect set for a holiday gift for you for your loved ones. The Anoint oil is a lovely scent designed for the Heart Marma massage.


Close your eyes and bring your awareness to the heart center. Use this blend clockwise circles on the heart center to stimulate the heart marma. Use counter-clockwise circles to pacify the heart energy. Filled with a blend of Rose, Patchouli, Peru Balsam, Chamomile and Orange essential oils in a base of Sunflower oil, this simple ritual will transport you to a blissful place in your heart. Place your hands upon your heart and breathe deeply and allow yourself to go within and rest in the fullness of the heart. 

The Ukanite and Lava Bead bracelet is tied together lovingly by TransitionsbyTruth with a hemp cord. You can place the Anoint oil on the lava beads for diffusion as well. 


10 ml bottle 

1 Bracelet in a gift box