I AM SERENE - Vata Body Oil - SOLD OUT

I AM SERENE - Vata Body Oil - SOLD OUT

Governed by the elements of air and space, Vata dominant people tend to struggle with dryness. Use this herbal blend to oleate, nourish and hydrate your skin.

Infused with Ayurveda herbs Licorice, Bala, and Shatavari, this sesame oil blend will purify and strengthen the body. 

4 Oz

"Pure Ishvari oils by Aparna are AMAZING!

I am usually quite sensitive to even organic essential oil fragranced products and these oils are just perfectly balanced! They definitely calmed the vata and pitta! They absorb quickly and readily and my skin feels like satin after using them. My husband loves them too. You can definitely feel the love that goes into these products. Thanks Aparna!”

– Pamela McDonough, Astrologer and Yantra Artist