SATTVA - Sacred Ritual Set
SATTVA - Sacred Ritual Set

SATTVA - Sacred Ritual Set

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The body is sacred. Each cell in your body is vibrating with the essence of the divine. This holiday season, give yourself or a loved one, this gift box that will remind you of your divine soul. 

Here is a description of how to use this Ritual Set. You can create your own version. Know that you are worthy of days like this. And you can consciously choose this with intention and heartfelt desire. 

In the morning, mix a small amount of the Face Cleanser with yogurt and honey and apply it to your face. Leave it on for about ten minutes. Gently wash it off under warm water in the shower. Enjoy using the Manjistha Soap during your shower. Then apply the hydrating Face oil. Next, go to your altar space and light one stick of Sandalwood incense and the Beeswax candle. Pause for a moment and connect to your divine Ishtadevi or Ishtadevata. 

Later in the evening, prepare the Nidra Elixir drink. Warm the Scalp oil and gently massage the scalp before bed. Lastly, shake the Holiday Room/Linen Spray and mist your pillow or bed and sip your Sleep Elixir. Before you turn off the light, say silent gratitude for a day of ritual and groundedness. 

This set includes 

.5 oz dropper bottle Saumya Face Oil

4 oz bottle of the Holiday Room-Linen Spray 

One box of Sandalwood Incense 

1 Manjistha Soap 

Beeswax Candle 4 oz glass jar 

Nidra Elixir Recipe Card 

.5. oz jar Face Cleanser 

2 oz dropper bottle Charukeshi Scalp Oil

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