Sandalwood Face Oil

Sandalwood Face Oil

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This premium Ayurveda face oil is both hydrating and cooling. The timeless wisdom of the energetics of botanicals and herbs are inherent in this recipe. Made with organic almond oil, Mysore Sandalwood powder, Sariva, Ushira, Musta, Kasturi Haridra and Rose Petal powder, it is lightly infused with the intoxicating scent of Ylang Ylang oil. Massage five drops gently at night on damp skin for a soft and hydrated face.

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"I have been been a fan of Pure Ishvari's Face Oil for over a year. It's all I use on my face. It helps with dry skin and leaves your skin feeling loved, however, I tried the Sandalwood Face Oil and it's even better. It's like putting love directly on your face. It's so smooth and luscious and smells amazing. It really brightens the skin. It has helped with my rosacea and makes my skin glow. The regular Face Oil is beautiful, but the Sandalwood Face Oil is heavenly." 

- Melissa Walters, MI


"It’s delightful to pamper and nourish my skin with the Pure IshVari original Face Oil. It’s my go-to; as it absorbs and hydrates beautifully. Newest Sandalwood Face Oil had me at Roses, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang. This golden oil feels extra rich leaving an illuminated glow to my dry areas. Mild, yet exotic hints of fragrance make these most unique. Pure is right; 100% is my rating on both."

- Nina Carmen Raziano, CA