Saturn Master Class

Saturn Master Class

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Shakti Ayurveda Collective presents


with Vedic Astrologer Pater Vishaka. 

If you have been feeling internal pressure and are obstacles or delays in your life, this workshop may support your journey. If you want to understand why you are conflicted on a personal level about your career or relationship, please attend this workshop to make sense of the lessons of Saturn. 

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered the lord of karma and dharma. Saturn reveals our suffering, our strength to persevere and deal with the pressures of our patterns and programming. Saturn is retrograde at this time so it's a good time to understand long-term karmic implications. It's a perfect time to make sense of collective and individual karmas and learn to employ Vedic remedies to alleviate the pressures of this time. If you want to understand yourself through the lens of Saturn and Vedic astrology, this online workshop will change your life.
Monday June 27th at 9pm EST via zoom 

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