The ULTIMATE Ayurveda Self-Care Package - FREE SHIPPING!

The ULTIMATE Ayurveda Self-Care Package - FREE SHIPPING!

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Self-care is the absolute basis of our happiness and well-being. The Ultimate Ayurveda Self-care Package will rouse the spirit of self-care in you while you light your oil warmer for the self-massage. Start your day with tongue scraping to remove "ama" or toxins in your digestive tract after brushing your teeth. Next, use two drops of the Prana oil to massage your nostrils to lubricate your nasal passages and enhance "prana" or life force. This is great practice for supporting your sinus health too. Finally, use five drops of the luxurious Saffron Face Oil on damp skin for a glowing and hydrated feel on your face.

The herbs used in the creation of these products support the balance of doshas and grounding the nervous system while enlivening your senses. Begin your day with these simple rituals to set the tone for a restful but productive day. 

This package comes with five products to jumpstart your daily Ayurveda self-care rituals. A high-quality Copper and Brass Warmer for your body oil of choice (4 oz bottle), a 100% non-alloy Copper Tongue Scraper, the Pure Ishvari Prana Nasal oil (.5 oz), Kavala Dental oil (1 oz), and the Pure Ishvari Face Oil (.5 oz).

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