Health is not just the absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”


“You deserve an epic life. Being in the heart center is a choice you make because it feels good. Choose it fiercely for yourself.”

Dr. Paul Dugliss

Your external life is a true reflection of your inner world. When you touch your inner power you can claim the freedom that is yours and you will no longer live on the whims of others.

Your freedom comes from within.

This freedom is true freedom because it frees you of worry, fear, and the opinions of others.

In turn, you become the authentic expression that you came here to be.

Your fulfillment, joy and peace in your everyday life is a sign of your connection to your true self. At all times, the soul is calling upon you to align yourself to its path.

If you have found that you are primarily absorbed in survival and ensuring a successful material life but have lost connection with the inner self — the true being that you are, you will notice that decades may go by and you continue to live in an underlying fear and anxiety and unknowingly believe that this is natural.

You have the capacity to transform old habits by learning to be your own healer. If you find that the roots of obstacles — (the emotional patterning embedded in the energy body) is sabotaging you, the patterning can be healed so you can permanently overcome these obstacles.


Not only will you be guided to release the past, but you will also do so in a safe space and become empowered to do this for yourself. You will learn to let go, trust the process of your life and connect with your consciousness and the body so deeply that the inner wisdom of the body and the soul is always available to you.

Remain anchored in support on the mental, emotional, practical and spiritual level that you may have never received before. The approach of this inner development program is comprehensive and is based on rich spiritual practices.  


Meditation – Initiation into the Heart-Based Meditation technique – a foundational practice for purification and connecting to your true being.
Heart-centering – to integrate your true being into your everyday moment-to-moment life

You will be taught this beautiful effortless technique that will allow you to integrate consciousness from the inside out. 

Clear Direction as you Work through Programming in the Chakras and re-establish the true power of your energy centers. Once you identify these patterns, healing them will awaken the true being within you. From here, you will enjoy peace, openness, love all of which arises from alignment.

Intensive Healing sessions with Consciousness-Based Techniques — you will be guided to release deeply held emotional patterning in the energetic plane. Effortless, gentle and love-based healing techniques are introduced into the energy body for deep healing. 

If this calls to you, if you want a mentor that will guide you to your soulful path of alignment so you can mine the richness that exists in you as you, apply to join this program.

Life is short. Let us make it blissful, beautiful and joyful. Let us see meaning in every experience and use that meaning to awaken our inner wisdom. Let us spread love and consciousness to all whom we touch on a daily basis.


Our unconscious habits can feel like they are supporting us in the immediate situations of our lives. Often when the pain is deep, many people seek habits such as the use of substances and alcohol to numb the pain. Please note that I only work with clients who are free of substance use. If you are using mind-altering substances and wish to work with me, I recommend that you first find a program such as AA to begin your spiritual journey. After a minimum of six months, you are welcome to apply for mentoring. This way, our time together and your investment receives the value that it deserves.

If you are inspired, please use the contact page to schedule a 30-minute complimentary session.