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Scalp massage is an old Ayurvedic practice that supports hair growth and a calm and cool mind. To this day, it is practiced widely in India. Regular scalp massage has numerous benefits. 

  • Supports and balances the senses
  • Rapidly induces a state of deep rest in the mind
  • Balance of the brain’s chemistry and hormones
  • Releases tension from the neck, shoulders, eyes, and face
  • Provides dandruff relief and supports healthy hair
  • Balances and soothes the nervous system

Enjoy nourishing your scalp with this organic fractionated Coconut Oil and Castor Oil filled with the herbal goodness of hair follicle strengthening Curry Leaves, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Tulsi, Fenugreek, Black Seeds, Amalaki and Licorice. 

Warm this oil by placing it in a cup of hot water for about 5 minutes. Use the dropper to apply the oil to the entire scalp. Massage vigorously. Wash after 20 minutes or leave on overnight for best results. Scalp massages are also a great way to soothe the mind. You can do this before bedtime to encourage better sleep as well. 

 2 oz glass dropper bottle

CHARUKESHI - In Sanskrit - One with Beautiful Hair