PURE COPPER Tongue Scraper

PURE COPPER Tongue Scraper

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Tongue Scraping dates back to ancient times for its powerful benefits for digestion and oral health. Copper has antibacterial properties - it scrapes off the bad bacteria and stimulates the production of enzymes that support healthy bacteria in the mouth. 

Here are a few other benefits: 

  • Tongue Scraping removes bacteria and toxins from the tongue
  • Enhances agni or digestive power

  • Enhances oral health and sense of taste 

To scrap your tongue -- 

First brush your teeth, take the two ends of your copper tongue cleaner in both hands. Extend the tongue out of the mouth (to your degree of comfort) and place the rounded part of the tongue cleaner lightly on the surface of the tongue, as far back as possible for you.

Gently pull the tongue cleaner forward and out of your mouth till you can see the  unwanted white or yellowish coating on the scraper. Wash and repeat several times and follow up with Kavala or oil swishing. 

To clean your tongue scraper, simply wash with hot water and soap. Every few weeks, you can apply lime juice and salt to your scraper. Set aside for ten minutes and scrub gently so the shine of the copper will be revealed.