Self Care Contemplation

Self Care Contemplation

When we think of self care we often think of getting massages, napping and going on vacations or resting with a glass of wine. Yes, we need a break from the hectic pace of life. 

Today, I want to go deeper into the heart and explore some questions that are very fundamental to our self care. 

When we are programmed to believe that we are to conform, to please others and to what family and society believes to be right for us, we can easily erode our self trust. This in turn can damage our sense of self and our commitments. 



At the end of the day, we want that inner satisfaction of a day well done. Or a life well done. We can create that sense of fulfillment when we are very straight with ourselves on how we handle our commitments. 

Our main commitments include the following: 

Our relationships 

Our sense of meaning and purpose 

Our daily routines/practices 

RELATIONSHIP - How we manage our commitments to our children, our partners are crucial for our personal self care. Things that are unresolved and unloved can nag us deeply causing anxiety, fear, anger and even hate. The love that we can cultivate is tremendous. So our investment in how we handle this responsibility can either deepen our joy or cause pain and suffering. What is left undone and unsaid will haunt us. So, if underneath your frustration is love, express it. Digest your frustration till only love is felt. Remain committed to this and you will see the great joy that awaits you. 

PURPOSE AND MEANING - The more you remain the question of what is meaningful to you, the more you will choose your actions carefully. What brings meaning to you is what will remain with you. So contemplate on the following questions. 

1. What do you do in your life with a sense of purpose?

2. How does it make you feel?

3. What happens when you are disconnected from your sense of meaning and purpose?

4. Can you re-commit to it each day? 

DAILY ROUTINES/PRACTICES - One of the biggest commitments that we all need to make is an unapologetic commitment to our practices - for the body, mind and heart. These practices ground us and keep us healthy and happy.

How often do you find yourself making excuses for lack of follow through with practices?

Do you notice how you feel when you re-charge yourself with practices and daily routines?

As I say to my clients, there is no trying. Only committing to doing it. The moment we use the term try, we have already given ourselves an out. The pleasantness that is a result of routines and practices is the gentle force behind the commitment. 

Feel free to journal after reading this. Sit with your feelings and thoughts. Know that your one sacred life deserves your total commitment. Go ahead, be gentle and loving and make the commitment. 


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