I am currently in India with my mother. She is almost 80 years old and lives alone here. All of her children live abroad. The reality is that life is always changing. Sometimes, we call that change death. This change is diffcult to accept even when we know the truth of being human. The truth is that life in the body ends. When the soul's work is done, it no longer needs the body. So, it sheds the body and we call it death. 
I gave my mother a promise many years ago. I promised her that if she falls ill before shedding the body, I would be with her till the end. I have promised her that I would make it as comfortable as possible. However, we have discussed the idea of leaving the body in total ease. No suffering or pain. This is my wish for her. To go with peace and without suffering in the body. 
She is part of a spiritual group who will take care of the Vedic rites upon her death should it happen suddenly and we are not present in India. Of course the thought of her leaving without us with here is painful. 
None of us know what the future holds. Life and death is about the soul and not so much about our human desires and wants. 
What helps is being willing to feel all the feelings. Following that, willing to discuss these matters is helpful. I talk about it with my children. I have my affairs in order and they know what to do in case I pass away while they are still finding their way in this own journey. I find it comforting for them and me. 
Do you talk about death in your home? Does it scare you to think about death? Impermanence is real. 





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