Today I invite you to go on an inner pilgrimage. Leave this world of desires and dreams for a short while. Take refuge from the smoke and mirrors, confusion and chaos. 
Holy temples await you within the heart cave. 
 Leave the thought plane and dive into the plane of inner experience. 
Come back into the body. 
Body and being are where you feel, where you sense, where you feel the inner architect. 
Feeling is subtle, and heals all wounds.

You have come here to experience betrayal so you can remember trust. 
You have come here to experience heartbreak so you can KNOW where love truly exists. 
You have come here to experience being the "beggar," so you can discover your inner wealth. One day when you realize this, you will fall at your own feet with humble tears flowing down your face. 
So feel into your sensitivity and not hate it. Instead, be willing to feel deeply for the world that is harsh and un-feeling. 
Laugh every laugh. Shed every tear. Feel those mystical connections. Smile.
Hold on to this precious moment just a little longer. 
In the holy city that is your body and being, there is great light that can absorb all your sorrow and suffering. Pain and bliss can co-exist. Bliss will heal pain. Bliss will heal you into the truth. 
If you get quiet and sit, you will feel the invitation from this light. Once you meet this light, your body will dance, your cells will vibrate this light. You will feel crazy. You will be ecstatic. You will feel every subtle shiver and wave within. At once you will know you are part of the whole and the whole exists in you as you. 


Photo Briana Gardener 

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