Borrowed Energy = Distraction

Borrowed Energy = Distraction
Have you ever heard yourself say, "I was feeling awful and then I felt better because my friend told me how great I am." 
You may have felt good for a few minutes and then perhaps the dread of your situation returned a little later. If so, that is the ego finding a distraction on borrowed energy from another to feel better. 
Sometimes in life we need this kind of support. There is nothing wrong with asking for this. It is when we continue to constantly borrow the energy of another to feel better that we begin to disconnect from the amazing power and light that we are. 
Next time you notice needing this, check in with yourself.
What are your needs?
What lies underneath those needs? 
How often does this come up? 
Can you feel into a part of yourself that is steady, peaceful and loving? 
Can you let this loving part of you love the part of you that needs love and attention and acknowledgment? 
There is a huge part of you that remains unexplored. It's not your fault. We were not taught or trained identify with the eternal part of of our own personal existence. This eternal you has the infinite capacity to heal the wounds of the egoic you who is healing and attempting to awaken out of numerous illusions and the suffering that goes with it. 
I teach about this in my upcoming Heart-Based Meditation course in September. If you are interested in learning to meditate and explore the eternal you, message me so I can send you details about the course. 
In the meanwhile, begin connecting to the part of you who is the observer.
The observer of the emotion, the observe of the thought.
The seer in you.
The love that you are.
The one who has seen it all - time and time again.
The one who knows.
Let go. 


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