Being in the Steadiness of your Heart

Being in the Steadiness of your Heart

Emotions are beautiful - it makes being human even more meaningful. Sometimes they can be intense and strong. Sometimes, it may feel like our emotions rule us. That is because, the emotional heart can rule our experiences. That means, we feel run over by intense emotions such as anger, sadness, rage, judgement and often it can lead us to taking impulsive actions such as creating conflict, or yelling or completely giving into sadness and tears in such a way that we are swept up by it. 


There is a sacred space for emotions in spiritual healing. Emotions are a beautiful feedback system that is built into us. Just like physical pain tells us to stop touching a flame, emotions (the uncomfortable ones) also give us information on where healing is required. 

If we can learn to BE with the emotion, instead of diving into it, we can access the thing that is wanting to be healed. After the emotion dissipates (it inevitably does), we can receive the inner wisdom or insight, which completes the process of healing. 

Follow these instructions to move through strong emotions:

The next time you feel a strong emotion, stop and sit with it.

Don't try to make it go away.

Don't try to blot it out with positive thoughts. 

Whatever arises, observe it, neutrally as though you don't see "good" or "bad" in it. 

See it for what it is. A sensation, a dynamic movement of energy, or a lumpy stagnant feeling. 

Sit with this "seeing" state for a while, and watch it dissipate into peace and calm. 

Invariably, each difficult emotion get us to the place of peace and steadiness.

Notice any insights that may come from this healing. 

Offer gratitude for this healing. 

Why do we want to heal our emotional heart? 

We need to work through the pain in the emotional heart in order to touch the joy within us. Peace, joy, steadiness and calm is our true nature. We deserve to dwell in our true nature. It feels good. 

Know that you deserve to feel good. And it is 100% your responsibility to get yourself to this place of feeling good. This place exists in you. It just takes practice. 

Enjoy being joyful, peaceful and calm. The world needs you like this. 

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