Human consciousness and life is intrinsically linked to the Earth, Sun and Moon. We receive the consciousness of these planets in subtle ways. Maintaining a good Dinacharya keeps us in alignment with these vital relationships. Many Vedic practices connect us to these vital relationships that support our balance, bliss and beauty. These include sun-gazing, moon bathing, eating at the optimal time for better digestion and even fasting on certain days. Daily routines or Dinacharya is a simple yet powerful way to balance the elements, create and sustain health, and vitality and maintain a proper flow in the body and mind. 

Nature has her own ways of rest and activity. Since we are a microcosm of this world, mimicking these cycles serves us best in creating and maintaining balance.
As much as life demands you move fast and accomplish more, do your best to move at a royal pace. 
Slow is sweet. 
Slow is beautiful. 
Slow = presence. 
I recommend you journal about your Dinacharya experience for 30 days. Notice how your life will change just from these simple slow rituals. If you are overwhelmed by these suggestions, pick one or two and implement them for a week. Then add another one. 
Some basic and powerful rituals to follow include:
It is best to wake just before sunrise. 
Eliminate and empty out the bladder and bowels 
Brush the teeth, scrape the tongue and swish oil in the mouth 
Do a self-oil abhyanga 
Apply nasya and karna oils
Wear fresh clean clothes
Sun gaze if possible for 2-3 minutes 
Chant the Gayatri mantra 
Light a ghee or oil lamp
Offer fresh flowers at the altar
Light incense 
Practice yoga
You will be energized and ready for your day 
Have a light but satisfying breakfast 
Sit for five minutes enjoying the feeling of being satiated 
Take a short stroll to further support digestion 
Eat your heaviest meal at lunch between 12-1 pm 
Say a gratitude or chant 
Eat with full focus on your meal. Savor it
Before your evening meditation, wash your hands, feet and face 
Have a light dinner by 6pm 
Go on a light stroll
Read, enjoy listening to soothing music 
Light a candle 
Reflect on your day 
Turn off lights by 9:30 pm 
If you struggle with sleep, be sure to massage your feet at night. This nourishing ritual draws energy down from the head and helps with overthinking and mental fatigue. A couple of times a week, warm some Scalp oil and apply it to your scalp. Massage gently and wait for at least 30 minutes before shampooing. A scalp massage will greatly reduce anxiety and overthinking as well. A stomach that is empty before bed is best for good sleep. 
Getting some sunlight each day is helpful in producing melatonin, which supports good restful sleep. The great seers of ancient India suggested sun gazing as a morning ritual. The UV index must be no more than 2 for sun gazing. Please note that it is extremely dangerous to sun gaze one-hour past sunrise. It could cause blindness. So, be sure to do this practice only in the very early morning. 
Spending some time in silence each day is beneficial for our mental well-being. Be sure to make time for mediation. Ideally 20 minutes a day twice is best. Even five to ten minutes of contact with Nature is soothing to the body and mind. A walk in the woods, or the park or simply sitting on the park bench and observing life is healing and balacing. 
Dedicate time each day to nourish the body and mind and enjoy the results - one day at a time. 

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