What is Ayurveda? 

Before you delve into the world of Ayurveda, the first thing you want to do is determine what your dosha type is. Download the dosha quiz and determine your body-mind type. “Ayurveda” in Samskritam is the science of longevity. 

It is a complete system in that it considers the body not as a single entity with varying symptoms but as an organic unit composed of a unity between the body, life force, emotions and mind; tied together by the flow of consciousness. 

The sages and scientists of ancient Bharat (also known as India), cognized knowledge from their higher states of consciousness. Seeing that the human is but a microcosm of the universe, they observed how the Pancha mahabhutas or five elements operate on the gross and subtle levels within the human system. 



Dosha Functions 

Vata composed of air and ether within the human structure is responsible for – transportation, movement, communication 

Pitta composed of fire with some water governs metabolism, digestion, transformation 

Composed of water and earth, Kapha lubricates, maintains structure, strength and vitality

Functions of the Doshas 

Vata: Air and ether sustain exhalation, inhalation, movement and communication between the nervou system and the brain

Pitta: Governs digestion, metabolism, hunger, thirst, complexion, intelligence and courage 

Kapha: Gives stability through the musculature, lubrication, patience, nurturance 

In order to enjoy balance in the body and mind, we must create a lifestyle that supports the optimal functioning of each of the elements. Balance is created consciously by eating according to seasons, cultivating a rhythm between rest and activity, and honoring the sacred nature of our existence. 

The most balancing of all practices for all doshas is meditation. When we meditate, we touch the place of bliss, peace, joy and stillness (pure consciousness) within which animates all that we do on the outer plane. From the regular direct experiences of pure consciousness, we will naturally gravitate toward that which is right for us. Right food, the right relationships, a lifestyle that supports our well-being and a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. 

To learn Heart-Based Meditation and for Ayurvedic guidance, please contact Aparna 

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