I am 
Just like you 
Bones and Skin 
Hopes and Dreams 
Sorrow and Joy
Ancient and Eternal yet so Fragile 
Dualities cooked long enough to become Nothing 
Having Eaten and Digested the Pleasures and Pains of this World, Willingly Sitting in Pure Silence
Diving into the Sweetest Void 
Each day Living Long Enough to Know what is Enough 
Living Long Enough to Know that I Am Complete and Full 
ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पुर्णमुदच्यते
पूर्णश्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Purnnam-Udacyate
Puurnnashya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||
Aum! That is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite alone.
Aum! Peace! Peace! Peace!
Gratitude for Mantra & Translation from www.templepurohit.com
Photo Briana Gardener 

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