We are all programmed to think that we are our emotions. We are attached to everything we feel and over time have come to believe that we are what we feel/think. 

Today, I invite you to observe your emotions. That means, when an emotion arises, just notice all the qualities of that emotion. Here is an example. What does anger feel like? Does it flow or does it burn? Does the anger feel stagnant or dynamic? 

When we begin to observe the emotion versus diving deep into it, we can see what feedback the emotion is wanting us to have. Once we receive the feedback, we can grow and evolve for our highest good. 

So today, observe the emotion. Breathe into it instead of trying to make it go away or blot it out. It will release into calm and steadiness over time. Once you reach the calm and peace in the heart, rest there. If you can feel the light in the heart, feel free to expand that light. Otherwise, visualize a beautiful ball of light in the heart. If you can't visualize, sense into the warmth of the heart. Stay here and rest. The relief you feel is a sign that you have dissipated that emotion. 

You are this light and warmth. Let's begin to live from here. 

If you would like to learn the Heart-Based Meditation, please contact us through the Contact page. 


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